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JZZ-3D is specialized in the application of Enterprise Architecture to create Business Value

Workshops EAfDM

We're investing a great deal in creating winning strategies. Very often, results are not favorable due to inherent business complexity and associated business structure. As a result, even incremental changes are expensive and time-consuming.

Ideally speaking Enterprise Architecture should have been used for engineering or re-engineering of an enterprise. Unfortunately, it's not so. 

This program is aimed at evaluating skills and experiences necessary to practice Enterprise Architecture successfully in your organization by creating, evaluating and executing business strategies that get results. Read more

New training schedual

In cooperation with iCMG World we deliver the EAfDM workshop in Europe.

Enterprise Architecture for Decision Makers (EAfDM) is an interactive workshop which will enable you to use EA to make solid decisions. Our method, based on the Zachman framework, is easy to use for management. It will enhance your current EA methodology like Togaf enabling you to get a complete picture, custom made for any stakeholder within only a few days.

Feedback on the workshop:

"Jef presented a course on enterprise arechitecture for decision makers that I attended in Stockholm. I was impressed by his broad knowledge and experience of how enterprise architecture is applied across a wide range of industries. He is also a very good presenter who actively engages with the class and is able to sensibly moderate discussions and debates."

"During the course Jef has shared his knowledge and experience of how enterprise architecture is applied across a wide range of industries. Jef also made sure that participants went looking at their organizations/projects through the glasses of the enterprise architect. "

"Jef Bergsma is an excellent speaker. During the workshop 'Enterprise Architecture for Decision Makers' he leverages the very interesting course material to to a level where you can get a thorough insight in the ICMG Framework and at the same time see the pratical use of it in real life."

Look here for available dates.

Succesfully delivered the  EAfDM workshop in:

  • Brussels
  • Dublin
  • London
  • Stockholm
  • Zurich

Business Value

We focus on creating Business Value. The fact that we use Enterprise Architecture and the Zachman Framework should not matter to you if your not an Enterprise Arcjhitect yourself. All that matters is the Business Value we can create by applying Enterprise Architecture.

We don't ask you to invest months in setting up your architecture. We ask you to explain your current business challenge and together we set up an environment which can provide you all possible solution scenario's, enabling you to do an enterprise wide, integrated impact analysis.


Jef together with John A. Zachman


To quote John A. Zachman for a definition of architecture:

“Architecture is the set of descriptive representations relevant for describing a complex object (actually any object) such that an instance of the object can be created and such that the descriptive representations serve as the baseline for changing an object instance.

Assuming the descriptive representations are maintained consistent with the real world.”

About JZZ-3D

JZZ-3d is founded by Jef Bergsma. Having worked in the IT and EA field for a long time, Jef found the foundation correlated with his convictions. Whereas intuition, methodology training and field experience are valuable assets, the Zachman framework binds it together.

"Certified in the use of the Zachman framework, I analyze your enterprise from the perspectives of different stakeholders. I relate the different perspectives to each other, signalling improvements and possible risks and give substantiated advice. In addition I am uniquely able to convey knowledge and insight to different stakeholders."

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